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Promtaji is a propriertary trading and learning power house, providing market insights, training and development.

At promtaji, we give actionable market research covering (FX) Currencies, Stocks  and Commodities markets. Join us today and get the edge you always needed to be profitable in the markets.

The name ProMtaji is in Swahili language referencing the term Capital (Mtaji) as we aim to be the premier professionals in all things that involve capital.

Our propriertary trading models are based on technical and fundamental aspects of the market developed by our experts over the decades through personal and collective trading experiences.

Our aim and mission is to provide actionable financial research and market insights for beginners upto the experienced investors and traders. We offer the edge necessary for profitable trading in the financial markets by providing training, development and insights for success in the markets.


A big part of my day was spent on analysis, but your free sub service has made it much easier.


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