Aussie vs Kiwi AUDNZD sell trade strategy.

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AUDNZD is forming lower highs on weekly timeframe and this has informed our latest sell strategy. Price action also suggests prices are headed lower so we are getting short on the cross.

Sell AUDNZD from 1.083500 aiming for closes near 1.05144 on weekly basis. Stops set at 1.1000 with a weekly close above 1.08800 closing off our postion.
  • Looking at short AUDNZD trade from current level at 1.083500 area aiming for closes near 1.05200 in the medium term. 
  • Stops are set on a weekly close at 1.1000 and if closes are achieved above 1.08800 on a weekly basis we close off the trade.
  • If you want to know how to use this information, we offer awesome training, please check out our courses on offer here.
Risks to the trade include New zealand employment data on Wed 07/11/2018 and RBNZ decision same day.
Happy trading.

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  1. A good entry trade, selling Aud…..also followed an entry on nzdusd.

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